Web Performance

Most websites are slow. Badly, Painfully so. Besides annoying for visitors and customers, this can and will decrease conversion. Not Cool. Time to do something about "slow".

So, why is my website slow? I pay through the nose for quality hosting and still the site is slow! Find out what factors are involved in getting your content to the browser of your visitor. More importantly, Learn why these factors may not be not performing well.

Enough with the jabber you say, I want my website to be crazy-fast! What do I need to do?

placeholder imageWe can not improve what we can not measure. Humans are not equiped very well for measuring speed and time. We will take a look at available tooling.

Images can be somewhat of a world of pain all by itself for developers and devops since they may be provided by the visuals department of whatevery company you work at. There is a very good chance that you are not the one creating them. The sheer amount of images may make it impossible to manage them.

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